10 Days Without Speech

Day 2…

This is why I’m supporting the International Justice Mission. Check out this 5-minute video!


You can pay to set people free. The goal is to raise $325 over the next 9 days to pay for a poor person to be represented by an excellent IJM lawyer. These lawyers have given up very successful practices to represent people that can’t afford legal representation. Because they can’t pay for a lawyer, this is what’s happening:

  1. In India, 70% of prisoners have never been convicted of anything. ~ BBC
  2. In Kenya, up to 20% of the 55,000 prisoners might be declared innocent with proper legal representation (that’s around 11,000 innocent people in jail). ~ NY Times
  3. In Uganda, 30% of widows and orphans (the people Jesus tells us to take special care of) have been victimized by property grabbing following the death of a parent or spouse. ~ IJM

We can pay to set these people free! Give now by clicking here! (I need 1 $25 gift, 20 $10 gifts, and 20 $5 gifts)

Also, use your voice to ask congress to support anti-slavery legislation – you can print this Abolition Postcard, fill it out and mail it to IJM [IJM-Abolition Postcard/ PO Box 58147/ Washington DC 20037-8147], and they will deliver the cards on Capitol Hill for you.  Better yet, you could also take the 100 Postcard Challenge.

Thank you for partnering with me to stand up against injustice!


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