What good are memories if they never lead us to action?

There’s a story about a shoe store that gave away shoes on 9/11/01. As the towers began to crumble, women began flipping off their high-heels and cumbersome work shoes so they could run away from the disaster. Heels and Danskos look good but are not very good for running. And bare feet do not mix with pavement, concrete, and broken glass very well either. Needless to say, a shoe store provided women with the ability to run away from pain by handing out sneakers.

One of the leading causes of disease in developing countries is contaminated soil. When a child gets a cut on their foot, most likely it will get infected and lead to complications.

By helping us provide shoes for kids in need, we are taking the place of that shoe store on 9/11 — handing out shoes so that children can run away from pain and infection. For every $100, Shuzz provides 20 brand new pairs of shoes for kids in need.

All I want you to think about is how much money you spend on 1 pair of shoes — $20, $60, $150? Consider giving that same amount sometime over the next 10 days. You will be making a real and lasting difference in the life of a child.

To donate, click here.

Did you go today without shoes? You can comment below about your experience…

*the picture above comes from a 9/11 memorial in Ocean Grove.

* I remember hearing about this story a couple of weeks after 9/11/01, but the only documented place I could find it was here: http://lingeducator.com/ – does anybody know more about this story? I’d love to know more details about it.


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