Day 10… Here is one last picture of my foot!

As day 10 winds down, I’m pretty excited that I made it 10 days without shoes. In fact, I will probably come into work without shoes tomorrow just because I’m in the habit! It’s been a crazy 10 days, from visiting public restrooms and pushing a car across an intersection, to visiting grocery stores, gas stations, and business meetings all without shoes.

What have I learned? That it’s easy to go without shoes in a country where carpet, cars, and offices are a way of life. Sure, I got some weird looks, but it’s nothing compared to the diseases that kids around the world struggle with daily because of bare feet. I also learned that $5 buys a brand new pair of shoes for a kid in need thanks to organizations like Shuzz.

Speaking of Shuzz, I’ve never shared with you how they started! Rita Johnson, one of the founders, was known for holding on to shoes. All of her friends would give her a hard time because she liked to collect her running shoes from different races she ran as a memento. One day a friend said, “Hey, you should give all of your shoes to kids in Haiti who don’t have any.” Rita realized that her passion for shoes could be the best opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Now her organization provides 10’s of thousands of shoes around the world every year (last year 12,000 this year in the 40,000’s). With partners like Crocs, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and others — $5 can buy a brand new pair of shoes for a child in need.

I have been blessed to work with Rita, and the rest of Shuzz over the past 10 days. We are excited to partner with any group that helps people move from apathy to action, and we are glad that Shuzz was willing to partner with us in this adventure.

So here is the final challenge: donate today — it’s the last day of the drive. We still have a matching offer on the table that helps double every gift we get up to $200. Give up a latte, a movie, or soda and give $5 to Shuzz today. Click here to donate.

I’m excited about starting a new 10 Day drive on Sunday, as I go 10 days without furniture — anybody want to join me?

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