10 Days Without Speech

Day 1…

Stat of the day: There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world – more than any other time in history. ~ Bales, Disposable People

Have you ever been cooped up inside your house for a long time, and started to feel like energy was building up inside of you and could burst at any moment? I feel like this a lot during the winter, and there are many times when I feel like if I don’t get outside right now and run as far as I can, I may explode! Well evidently, not talking for an extended period of time can create that same feeling.

After only seven hours of not using my voice, I’m about ready to scream and say everything that comes to mind at once (which FYI – is never a good idea). My heart is beating faster and I can feel adrenaline coursing through my veins almost as if I was nervous. I haven’t even had coffee this morning!

Normally, when I do a segment the first day is easy, but not today. Right now my wife is out running some errands so I’m watching both boys by myself. You think controlling toddlers is difficult in general, mix in no speech and it’s insanity! How do you say, “don’t touch that,” “climb down off of that window,” “keep your hands to yourself, and stop pushing your brother,” when you can’t use your voice? Needless to say, it’s a challenge! One day in and already I’m learning how a voice = power.


Our voices are powerful because they give us the ability to stand up for ourselves and for our desires. But there are millions of people around the world that have had their voices stripped from them. The stat of the day is that “there are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world – more than any other time in history.” This stat blew my mind, because I think of the world around us as a sophisticated place where slavery is almost gone entirely. I mean maybe there are some 3rd world countries where pockets of slavery exist, but there’s no way it’s still a big issue. But I was wrong. There are more people without freedom today than at any other time in history – these people have been robbed of their voices. Let’s give them their voices back!

I’m not using my voice today, to be a voice, for the 27 million slaves around the world. What are you doing about slavery?

International Justice Mission is an amazing organization that fights for the rights of people all over the planet. I just spent the last 30 minutes watching a video about slavery in the world, and I would really encourage you to watch it too. If you’re like me, and think that slavery is basically extinct – click here and have your mind blown! It blew my mind, and I’m sure it will greatly impact you as well.

Over the next 10 days I need you,  a little bit of your money and a little bit of your time. We can help free slaves with 2 simple actions. 

  1. Why I need a little bit of your money — IJM lawyers serve as a voice for people whose voices wouldn’t be heard otherwise.  They stand up in court for victims of slavery, trafficking, sexual violence and other crimes – and they help get the traffickers, slave owners and other criminals off the streets and in jail, so they can’t harm other vulnerable people. Our goal is $325 (or more!) – that’s how much it costs on average for 5 days of a high-caliber IJM lawyer’s representation in court – advocacy that can free an innocent prisoner from jail, or hold a trafficker or rapist accountable. (I’m specifically looking for 1 person to donate $25, 20 people to donate $10 and 20 people to donate $5) CLICK HERE TO GIVE!
  2. Why I need a little bit of your time — You can use your voice to ask congress to support anti-slavery legislation – you can print this Abolition Postcard, fill it out and mail it to IJM [IJM-Abolition Postcard/ PO Box 58147/ Washington DC 20037-8147], and we’ll deliver the cards on Capitol Hill for them.  Better yet, you can take the 100 Postcard Challenge by clicking here.

Thank you for helping me raise $325 for the abolition of slavery, and for being a part of giving slaves their voices back!

Did you know that slavery still existed in the world? You may comment below…


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