10 Days Without Legs

Day 5…

I love snow. I always have and I probably always will. This is going to sound like an oxymoron, but there’s something warm and homey about the fluffy white stuff. Every time a snow storm hits, I want to put on sweat pants and a sweat shirt, light a fire (or turn on a small heater), and enjoy watching it fall. I guess this stems from when I was a kid, and snow actually meant that my responsibilities for tomorrow COULD get canceled. I remember standing at the glass door in the kitchen, with my nose pressed up against the glass, my breath fogging up my ability to see clearly, and my mind and heart captivated by the floating pieces of purity. I wish I could say that I have grown up now, but just the thought of it snowing last night kept me from falling asleep. And then this morning, well I jumped out of bed like a school-boy and ran strait to the window. Needless to say, I was very excited to see a couple of inches on the ground!

Not only did snow help me wake up on the right side of the bed, but it also made my wheelchair maneuvering quite interesting. First of all, wheelchairs are only 2-wheel drive and not exactly known for their horsepower. I guess horsepower is up to me, but still! Secondly, wheelchair’s, like cars, can struggle gaining traction on snow and slip a little bit. Limited mobility and lack of speed are already frustrations with wheelchairs, add a couple of extra pushes without gaining any ground and it get’s more frustrating. It was actually a lot of fun though, and I really enjoyed the challenge. Maybe later I can try to find some ice and see how fast I can slide, or maybe not!

Do you like snow? Do you stand at the window and watch it fall? You may comment below…

Don’t forget to check out Joni and Friends, and consider giving to their Wheels for the World program. Here’s a story about a little girl that is unable to walk or speak, and yet now, thanks to Wheels for the World, she can get around and communicate. This is directly from their website:

Genecis is a little girl with shining eyes filled with love. But she can’t express it. Born with cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder, Genecis has never spoken and cannot walk. But when she was lifted into a shiny new pediatric wheelchair, joy burst over her little face. That’s when we introduced a “communication board” to Genecis’ mom, Luisa – she opened a book filled with simple signs that her daughter could point at to communicate her needs and thoughts (things like “eat,” “tired” “happy” “sleep”). Luisa and Genecis picked out their very own signs and a communication board was made. Seated in her new wheelchair with her brand new communication board on her lap table, little Genecis pointed her finger and searched for just the right picture to express herself for the first time. What did she say? “GRACIAS! GRACIAS!” Over and over she pointed to the picture for “thank you,” her little face beaming. Because of God’s love working through you, Wheels for the World has given Genecis the priceless gift of mobility and the ability to express herself for the first time. Thank you for making it all possible through your gifts and prayers!

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