10 Days Without A Coat

Day 2…

Today has been warm and sunny — no coat needed. But from the looks of things, nice weather is only going to last for a couple more days. Check out the 10 Days Forecast below —¬†Thursday through Saturday could make this whole “no coat thing” interesting:

The goal of this segment is to collect coats for those in need. Larry Yonker, the Chief Development Office of Springs Rescue Mission said recently:

“The need for coats is higher than it has ever been here (Colorado Springs) with the growing number of people out of work. Children’s coats are the most critical because the kids grow out of them so fast…the fastest growing homeless population is women with children.”

I would imagine that what he said holds true for most cities in the United States. People are hurting, and this is a great way to help!

Most of us have at least one or two extra jackets laying around the house that we could donate. Would you consider donating a coat today? After you donate a coat, comment below and share your story with us. Your story can be as short as, “I donated a coat today!”

You can either drop off your extra jackets to a local rescue mission, thrift store, or Salvation Army in your hometown. Or you can drop it off or mail it to my office, and my coworkers will help me distribute them. The address for Axis is:

1935 Dominion Way Suite 203 / Colorado Springs, CO / 80918

If you have any questions comment below. I’m looking forward to spending the next eight days with you!

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