Day 10…

“Noah, come here,” Rebecca says as she sits down next to our glass breakfast table. “Remember all of the boys and girls that don’t have a voice because of the bad men? And remember how we have been trying to raise money for good men to go in a save those boys and girls? Look here, do you see that number? That’s $2,000. Isn’t that cool?”

At this point I wanted to step in because Noah and I had been talking about this to God lately, and I wanted him to really understand what had just happened. I was technically on my way out the door, so we can just say I was stretching my allotted goodbye words!

“Noah, you know how we have been praying every night for God to help us raise the full $2,000? Well, we’ve been praying for that because all money is God’s money, and he is the one that decides where it goes. At the beginning, when daddy first started going 10 Days Without Speech, I was trying to massage the results and make things happen. But guess what! When daddy tried to take it into his own hands we only raised $120! But then you and I started praying every night for God to do the hard part and he did it. Isn’t that so cool? God heard our prayers, that’s why it’s so important to pray and ask God for his help. Anyway, I have to go, but I love you.”

“I wuv you daddy.”

As I walk outside to leave for work, my mind replays our prayers over the last couple of nights. Maybe it’s the way Noah says it: “God, help us waise two fousand dollars.” Maybe it’s the fact that we were persistent, praying almost every night? I don’t know why God chose to raise the full amount, but it sure is an amazing experience to be caught up in the middle of something he is doing.

As I jumped on my bike and rode down the road, I could still hear my boys yelling good bye. Noah saying, “Goodbye daddy!” and Finley saying, “ba, ba, ba, ba” as if I were some sort of sheep. Regardless of why God answered our prayers this week, he did answer them — and you had a part in that. Praise God that he uses men and women like us to make a difference in his world. Praise him that we were able to raise $2,000.77 to fight slavery and injustice through the International Justice Mission.

10 Days Without Speech has been the hardest segment thus far, but it has been one of the most rewarding. Not only did I see God do something amazing in answering our fundraising prayers, but he also taught me a lot about myself and what it means to truly communicate and engage with people. I am greatly looking forward to blabbing someone’s ear off tomorrow, but I can’t help but think that my conversations will be different from this point forward. I guess we will find out, especially as I begin looking ahead to 10 Days Without Human Touch. If there was ever a time I needed the right words, it will be next week when my voice will be the only way to show my wife and boys the love and affection that they deserve (with minor exceptions of course).

Thank you for walking this journey with me!


p.s. just because we raised the full amount, doesn’t mean the problem is solved. If you would like to give more click here or if you want to connect with IJM on a more permanent basis I can connect you with the right people. Comment below that you are interested in becoming a volunteer, long-term partner, or intern with IJM and I will get you in touch with the right people.

To give financially click here.


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