10 Days Without Shoes

Day 7…

Yesterday was tough on my feet, so today I’m taking it easy! Right now, I’m in the backyard sitting in my red fold-up chair under the shade of a small tree. In my right hand, I have a mason jar filled with a homemade iced vanilla latte. My head is tilted over the back of the chair, and I’m trying to stay cool during another extremely hot day. My son has pulled his fold-up chair right next to mine, and is watching the sprinkler oscillate back and forth. I’m not sure what’s so captivating about a $6 sprinkler at Walmart, but whatever it is has both me and my son mesmerized.

My feet are still sore from yesterday. I can feel bruises in both the heel and the ball of my right foot. My left foot isn’t bruised, but the skin is still cracked where my big toe meets the rest of my foot. Every time I get up on my tippy-toes to reach something, I can feel the skin stretch and break a little more. That’s why I’m glad to be sitting — enjoying the shade ¬†with an iced drink in my hand.

The soreness of my feet continues to remind me of the cause. Poverty is still a major social issues in the world, and yet the stats are decreasing. I can’t believe we are so close to ending a major social issue (according to Dr. Scott Todd).

But there’s still a lot of work to be done, and that’s why I’m searching for the best organizations to connect with. A couple of days ago, I asked you to help me find some cool organizations — thank you S.C. for your comment with all of the helpful links. Yesterday, I posted about Plant With Purpose which is fighting poverty in a very unique way. Today, I want to mention Compassion International.

Compassion is awesome! I love their approach in that they don’t just feed a kid a meal, but look to heal the whole person. They are fighting poverty on several fronts at one time by meeting the physical, educational, and spiritual needs of kids around the world. For more information, click here and spend some time on their website. I think this could become one of the major organizations that my family supports in the coming years, and I think this could be a great organization to support with 10 Days Without. Let me know what you think by commenting below…

Again, the goal of 10 Days Without is not to be able to say, “we understand what it’s like to live in poverty,” because we don’t. The goal of 10 Days Without is to break up the rhythm of our lives, and force ourselves to think about what really matters in the world. Going without shoes for 10 days is not really that big of a sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, but it can be a great first step to developing compassion (no pun intended), mercy, and grace in your life.

Here’s to only 3 more days!




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