10 Days Without Spending any Money

Starts in 2 Days…

Why is money so evil? It’s not! The last thing I would want anyone to take away from this segment is that money is evil. I think it’s the opposite. I think money is a blessing — it’s something that God uses to take care of his people.

Why are toys, possessions, and Christmas presents evil? They’re not! Again, the point of 10 Days Without Spending any Money is not to say we shouldn’t enjoy buying and giving gifts at Christmas. In fact, I already bought my wife and my boys a present or two for the holidays, and I can’t wait to see their faces when they get each one.

So if this segment is not about the evils of money or giving gifts — what is it about? Check out this video, and I will explain more over the next week and a half.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/30556886 w=400&h=225]

Living Water is an amazing organization that provides wells and water for communities around the globe. It is estimated that 884 million people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water. This water crisis is a really big deal, and can have a deadly effect. If you want to check out more about Living Water click here.

For now, I want to ask you to join me over the upcoming 10 days, and not spend any money on “extras”. These “extras” include beverages from Starbucks (ouch), snacks at the grocery or convenience store, sodas, songs off of iTunes, and anything else that is unnecessary for you or your family’s survival. Consider donating that money to Living Water instead — you can donate by clicking here.

I have a friend who is offering a $2,000 matching pledge for this campaign. So every $1 that you give sends $2 to fighting the water crisis.

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