I feel like every Christmas season I get to a point where I realize I’ve been sucked in (yet again!)–I’ve become a mega-consumer grabbing anything I can get my hands on. It’s so easy in this culture to get caught up in the idea that the best stuff equals happiness and contentment. And yet all of us, after we get all of the material possessions we want, still feel a hole–like something in our lives is missing.

I used to feel the same way with Christianity (correction, sometimes I still feel this way). I was a mega-consumer. I consumed Christian podcasts, Christian music, Christian sermons, Christian books, Christian articles, Christian magazines, etc…  My goal was to get closer to Jesus, and find contentment in my relationship with him. But consuming wasn’t working. Consuming Christianity was leaving me as empty as consuming Christmas presents.

But then I started reading about Jesus, and I began to see what was missing. Jesus says in Matthew 25, to take care of the hungry, thirsty, lonely, naked, sick, and in prison. Jesus teaches an active faith not a consuming faith. And guess what? When you start living out Christianity actively–when you start reflecting Jesus in the way you interact with people and make decisions–you start to find the contentment that you’ve been seeking. At least that’s what happened to me during my Ten Days Without journey. That’s the reason I came up with the concept in the first place. I wanted to move passed good intentions and make a difference in the world.

So the question we are each faced with is this:

Will we continue as consumers of Christianity or will we become active participants in God’s story for the world? And I think the way we answer this question will determine if we ever find true contentment in our relationship with Jesus Christ.


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