I wrote this post a few years ago for a different blog. When I found it today, I thought to myself “Intentional Christians should have strong families, and love their wives.” So here’s a little encouragement about marriage…

I can still remember the first time my wife asked me to buy pads. We were in college, and had only been married for a year. Rebecca was sick, and needed me to run to Wal-Mart. I was excited to go. I had heard about men who were traumatized by the “women’s aisle,” and I wanted to prove I was a real man and a good husband.

I walked into Wally-world with head held high and my chest a little raised to show people I wasn’t afraid. With confidence and composure (and a voice much deeper than normal) I cornered the aisle, and there it was – a wall of fluffy cotton. This was the first time I realized that women’s products, like everything else in America, had many different options all competing for shelf-space. I decided to call my wife.

“Hello,” Rebecca said in a scraggly sick voice.

“Hey babe,” I answered in the deepest possible tone, “uh, what pads did you want?”

“Always Infiniti…and make sure they have wings!”

In a guy’s mind, when a girl mentions wings, we get really excited. Normally, “make sure they have wings” means we are going to a pizza place and ordering chicken. I found out quickly, however, that Rebecca was not talking about Buffalo wings, but little paper tabs attached to the pads.

That was the first time that it hit me. I was no longer a normal college student; I was in an entirely new class of manhood. When I got home this became more clear. A theatrical poster of Lord of the Rings had been replaced with a picture of Rebecca and I hiking in the mountains of North Carolina. The television, which once stood in the middle of the living room surrounded by Carolina Panthers memorabilia, was now pushed into a corner with the Panthers gear stuck in a box in the attic. Most importantly, the fridge had been cleaned out. Instead of frozen burritos and chicken wings it was stocked with fruits and veggies. And now here I was with a Wal-Mart bag of pads, soup, and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days instead of Rambo and an assortment of Doritos.

Oh how things have changed. They are so much better now.

Oftentimes people talk about the days before they got hooked up to the “ol’ ball and chain” as the good days – the days where they could do whatever they wanted. But when I look at the things I’ve given up to be with my best friend, it doesn’t seem like much of a sacrifice. But then again, not every guy marries his best friend.


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