We live in a culture of excess where bigger is better, more is merrier, and wealthiness is next to Godliness. Consumerism drives our western worldview. Temporary things, like a new car or new pair of clothes, become ultimate things. And soon our desire for stuff, ends up impacting the way we view every moment of every day.

Hi, I’m Daniel Day (you already know that) and I’m addicted to stuff, and I’m wondering if you are too. Here are a few questions that I came up with to diagnose my addiction: (answer yes or no)

  1. When we run out of obvious meals at the house, my first inclination is to run to the store. –yes!
  2. When my car has a problem, my first thought is “how much could I get for it if I sold it on Craigslist or traded it in.” –yes!
  3. I wish I constantly had $100 to spend on Amazon.com. –yes! But $200 would be better.
  4. When I’m at home, I’m constantly assessing what furniture or technology I want to upgrade. –yes!
  5. When it’s cool and raining outside, my first desire is a hot Starbucks coffee. – yes!
    1. When it’s warm outside, my first desire is an iced Starbucks coffee. –yes!
    2. When I want to hang out with my friends, our first inclination is to get a drink at Starbucks or another coffee shop. –yes!
    3. When I’m on a date with my wife, we consider going to Starbucks. –yes!
  6. Most of the time, there’s more month than money. – most of the time, yes!
  7. There’s always a movie that I could see at the movie theatre. –most of the time, yes!
  8. I have left my family on Thanksgiving Day to go shopping for a door buster that I didn’t get. –not yet! But it depends on the door buster.
  9. When I go hunting or fishing, I always need to go to Bass Pro Shops or Cabellas before I hit the lake or woods. –yes! But I really did need some new fishing tackle.
  10. Have I ever gone to any store and bought something I didn’t need. –yes!

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, than you are also a stuff-aholic just like me. Sorry to break the news.

What other questions could have been added to this list? Comment below and continue the discussion…


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