They did it. They killed my creativity. I don’t know who they are or how they did it, but they did. I was reading a book today about art, and how everyone – regardless of who they are or what they’ve done in their life – was an artist.  Matt, the author, says, “…no matter what kinds of kids you and I were, whatever we enjoyed doing, chances are we were at our best when we were creating something. Children are natural creators… When most children come to kindergarten, they have creative energy to spare, and with a little leading, all children can create.”

So what happened? Who murdered my inner creativity? At what point in my life did the kindergartner with “creative energy to spare” disappear? Or as Matt suggests, why is the “5-year-old me covered up under layers of dust accumulated over many years?”

Obviously this post is somewhat of an exaggeration. My creativity – just like your creativity – hasn’t been murdered. But most of us would admit that we live lives that lack creativity. So the question I want to ask today, is how do we get it back? And how do we mold and promote creativity in our lives and families?

I don’t know about you, but to me life is just too short to not live creatively.

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