I just realized that 10 Days Without Legs starts in less than 5 days! All of the 10 Days Without segments that I’ve done up until this point have been going without things that are technically luxuries. Starting Sunday, I will be going without a true  necessity. I wish I could say that I am feeling so compassionate towards people with disabilities that I can’t wait to go 10 Days Without Legs, but if I’m honest it’s more like “UH, this is going to be really  really  inconvenient!” Sure, I’m excited about helping people, but at the same time I like using my legs.

For example: on Sunday I have been invited to play football with some friends at a local park. People are already smack talking me on Facebook saying things like, “I’ll guard Daniel!” I guess I will just have to show them and bring it, even if I’m in a chair. You know that feeling when your friend, wife, or kid is pushing the shopping cart and doesn’t realize you have slowed down your pace? Within a matter of moments your heel gets to meet the cold metal of a squeaky cart. It’s not a pleasant experience. Well whoever lines up on the other side of the line of scrimmage on Sunday better watch their ankles, I’m coming for you!

Are you going to walk through this with me? You may comment below…


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