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According to James K. A. Smith in his book Desiring the Kingdom, “we are what we love.” If that’s true, you and I are faced with some really important questions: What do we love? And where is our love leading us? The answers to those questions will dictate what our lives are about and what we do with them.

If the greatest common calling is to love God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, that means that the direction of my life—my dreams, passions, desires, and goals should be drawing me closer to God. This doesn’t mean that everything I do has to lie perfectly on a razor’s edge line called God’s will, but it does mean that the general direction of my life is toward God.

It’s like a median line in math—do you know what a median is? It’s when you have a bunch of dots on a piece of graph paper and you draw a line through the middle of the dots to show a trend. If we add everything together—all of the things our lives are about—and draw a line through the center—which direction are you headed?

May God stir our hearts—your heart and my heart—and help us love him with all that we are.

For more information on this topic, purchase the book: Intentional Christian by Daniel Ryan Day.


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