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There was a once a warehouse foreman in a business suit who had to travel through the inner city to get to work. He looked like a wealthy professional, and one day he was mugged and left for dead. An evangelist with a cross around his neck and a pocket full of tracts, saw the foreman, but wanted to get busy evangelizing. He acted like he didn’t see him, and kept walking. A few minutes later, a woman in a priestly collar came to the scene, but she too ignored the dying foreman so she could get to a morning service. Still later, a middle-eastern taxi-driver with an accent nearly hit the foreman with his yellow cab. He jumped out of the car, and rushed to the foreman’s side to help. He carried the foreman in the taxi—getting blood all over the seat—and drove him to the emergency room. After finding out the foreman had no money, the middle-eastern taxi-driver emptied his wallet and told the doctors he’d be back with more money later.

Jesus told a similar story to a lawyer who was trying to trap Jesus with questions. The purpose of Jesus’ story was to show how the religious leaders of His day let their religious goals get in the way of helping someone in need. Unfortunately, you and I are also guilty of letting things get in the way of helping others. The second greatest common calling is to love others with an active love that meets their needs. If you and I are serious about knowing and living out the will of God, it is important for us to look for any and all opportunities to love one another.

Big question to think about: When does our desire to perfectly follow Jesus get in the way of actually following Him?

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