10 Days Without Spending any Money

Day 9…

I remember an episode of Man vs. Wild where Bear Grylls is in the desert looking for water. It was the stereotypical scene. The landscape was orange as far as the eye could see; sand and rock were his only companions as he searched for an escape from the sun; and over and over again he would tell the camera how thirsty he was. Finally, he stumbled upon the jackpot. No it was not a river, or a stream, or a frozen lemonade stand, it was better than that. Standing in a pile at Bear’s feat was a mass of dung from a rather large animal. I can’t remember if it was a camel, an elephant, or a guy who just got done eating at Golden Corral — but either way it was a big mess. Now most of us would look at the dung and say, “Ewwww gross!” and then walk away. But not Bear Grylls, nope — he picks it up, squeezes it out, and drinks the fluids straight out of a mass of crap.

Aren’t you glad you can get a nice, cold glass of safe, clean water from a sink or refrigerator? I am, because I don’t think I would drink enough water if it meant squeezing it out of elephant dung. Actually, I don’t think I would ever drink water.

Water is one of those things that when it’s clean — it’s the best thing for you. But when it’s tainted, it can carry a lot of diseases. “Dirty water kills 2.2 million people every year which would be like 20 jumbo jets crashing every day.” (Living Water) What makes lack of clean water worse, is the fact that the weak among us are the most vulnerable. Today, a child under the age of 5 will die every 15 seconds because of bad water (in the time it took you to read this entire paragraph 2 children died as a result of the water crisis).

young boy and a jerry can

These stats are not supposed to make us feel guilty, they are supposed to inspire us to make a difference. Today, we can raise $2,000 and transform an entire Haitian community with clean water. We will be giving them a well, a handpump, and access to their greatest need. To read more about water rehab projects click here.

The challenge: I’m asking you to go without “extras” and donate that money to Living Water for a water rehab. That means giving up a bag of Peanut M&M’s ($2.89), a Latte ($4.03), or something else that is seemingly insignificant and donating that money instead. You can donate by clicking here.

The exciting news, is that we have a donor who is matching up to $2,000. That means for every $1 we donate, $2 goes to Living Water. Give today!

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Bear Grylls Picture thanks to the Discovery Channel

Other Pictures provided by Living Water


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