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I didn't grow up in a big city and I don't like shopping, so for a long time the term "window shopping" didn't mean anything to me. It wasn't until recently, that I realized I've been a window shopper my entire life -- but in a different way. Instead of gazing at mannequins through polished glass and wanting something I didn't need, I've used my eyes for another type of shopping -- something the Bible calls covetousness and envy.


An idea, a passing thought, 

Desires I neither seek nor sought.

Quickly rejected, pushed away,

Disgusted at myself I pray

For forgiveness. 

Confident and reassured

That what I thought was quite absurd,

I focus on something else.


No sooner have I new resolve,

Pressure mounts. My reason absolves 

My heart to pursue its pleasure,

And my eyes to consume treasure -- 

Both stolen and blood-stained.


Almost lost I cry out for help.

My mind continues to play games,

I try to think of something else.


Heart, why have you betrayed me?

Why have you opened my eyes to see

Things they can't have?

-- by: Daniel Ryan Day


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